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New Zealand Announces Study Spaces for Returning International Students

As per a recent update, the New Zealand government has declared that 5,000 study spaces, which have been aside for international students returning to the country, would be distributed in the month of April amongst various universities.

In early February, New Zealand’s border class exemption plans announced by the government stated that some of the international students would be permitted to return before full student visa processing resumes in October 2022.

Universities New Zealand executive (Te Pkai Tara), Chris Whelan said that although the country’s eight institutes could have filled the places in the recent allotment of exemptions by itself, the government has managed a formula to calculate how they will get distributed across all tertiary sub-sectors.

He added that due to ‘the number of suppliers,’ schools, ELSs, and PTEs are required to apply or register for the spots. After which, the education providers will decide which student will be alloted to which slots. Just a few days ago, the New Zealand government revealed that they are planning to open their borders to visitors.

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For the unversed, over 34,000 international students enroled themselves in New Zealand in 2019, contributing $1.25 billion to the nation’s GDP, however the sector suffered since they closed its borders in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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